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Steady-state Thermal Conductivity Measuring Device SS-H40

Multifunctional and high-performance “steady-state method” thermal conductivity measuring device

Thermal Evaluation of FOD


  • [ Fast measurement ] A measurement that previously took several hours is now 10-20 minutes per measurement ! Measurement is as easy as placing a sample.
  • [ Selectable measurement mode ] “Constant pressure mode” and “Constant thickness mode” 2 pattern measurement modes are available. Applicable to soft materials such as TIM.
  • [ Temperature control measurement ] There is a temperature control function. The variable temperature range of the heating unit is 20 to 150 ℃

Basic Theory

■ What is steady-state method ?
A method of measuring thermal conductivity by applying a steady temperature gradient to a sample. The thermal conductivity is calculated from the temperature difference of the sample, the thickness, and the heat flow passing through the sample.


Product Steady-state Thermal conductivity measuring device SS-H40
Measurement direction Out of plane direction
Measurement properties Thermal diffusivity 0.05 ~ 40 [W/mK]
Measurement accuracy  ±10 [%]
Sample size: 40 * 40 [mm]   /   Thickness: 0.2~20 [mm]
Heater unit temp. range  RT~80 [℃]
Temperature atmosphere In the air, Room temperature, Atmospheric pressure
Load range 200~1600 [N]
Load resolution 0.01 [N]
Output data Thermal conductivity, temperature of measurement points, heat flux, load, thermal resistance.

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