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Hudson Laboratory

Innovation in Thermal Technology

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“Solution for thermal problems” is one of the most critical important theme in development of portable electronic devices which are yearly getting smaller and smaller. “Solution for thermal problems” in efficiently is directly linked with “energy saving”. Our advance team has developed a highly precision thermo-physical measurement equipment using our unique technologies, to contribute to technology innovation and future creation.

Core Technologies of Hudson Laboratory

  • Laser Heating Control Technology (Laser Diode Control)
  • High speed thermal sensing (Thermal reflectance method)
  • Micro size thermal sensing (Thermal reflectance method)
  • Optics, Mechanical Design (Visualization and Infrared)
  • Development of measurement systems (Software)
  • Thermo-physical analysis and simulation (Finite element method etc.)
  • Ambient temperature control (Vacuum furnace with microscopic support)
Apparatus lineup
Thermal Evaluation of FOD

Thermal Evaluation of FOD

Thermal Microscope TM3

Thermal Microscope TM3

Thermowave Analyzer TA35/33/32/31

Thermowave Analyzer TA35/ 33/ 32/ 31

Thermal Spread Inspection Equipment TSI

Thermal Spread Inspection Equipment TSI

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