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Privacy Policy

Policy of personal data protection

Bethel Co., Ltd (hereafter called our company) is strongly aware of the importance of the protection of personal information and privacy obtained from our customers as well as from our staffs. Therefore, our company will strictly abide by the related laws to protect personal information that we keep from our customers.

Article 1: Collection of personal information and utilization.

Our company will make the purpose of information collection first and after that we collect personal information within the scope of such purposes. With regards to the utilization of private information, it will contain the meaning that our company will collect such information within the scope of the predetermined purposes and take appropriate steps accordingly.

Article 2: Administration and protection of personal information

Administration of personal information will strictly be controlled and we will not disclose or give any of data that we received from our customers to the third parties unless otherwise our customers allow us to do so.

Article 3: Applicable laws

Our company will strictly abide by the laws and criterion applicable to personal information that we keep at our company.

Article 4: Continuous improvement of management systems and structure of personal information protection

Our company will continuously improve the management systems and structure in relation to personal information protection.

Article 5: Customer complaint and response

Our company has set up the inquiry contact and will sincerely respond when any complaints and inquiries from customers are arisen.

Enactment date: May 1, 2005
Latest revision date: Jan 1, 2011
Eiichi Suzuki
Representative Director
Bethel Co., Ltd.

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