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Sheets(Various orientation)
  • Graphite Sheet
  • Polyimide
  • PVC
  • Silicon heat dissipation sheet
  • CNT
  • etc.

In many cases, the samples in the shape of sheets have various orientations. You need to know which sample has what types of orientations. The thermal conductivity of composite materials varies with which fillers, such as AlN, SiO2, SiO, CNT, and etc are used.

Sheets (Various orientation)
Sheets (Various orientation)
Sheets (Various orientation)
Sample Direction Measured ( m2s-1 ) Literature ( m2s-1 )
PVC OUT-OF-PLANE 0.11×10-6 0.08~0.15×10-6
IN-PLANE 0.11×10-6 0.08~0.15×10-6
Polyimide t=25μm OUT-OF-PLANE 0.14×10-6 0.13×10-6
IN-PLANE 0.8×10-6 0.73×10-6
Silicon heat dissipation sheet OUT-OF-PLANE 1.1×10-6 NA
IN-PLANE 1.3×10-6 NA
Plastic w / CNT OUT-OF-PLANE 0.24×10-6 NA
IN-PLANE 0.6×10-6 NA
Graphite Sheet A OUT-OF-PLANE 1.9×10-6 1.8~2.8×10-6
IN-PLANE 100×10-6 90~100×10-6
Graphite Sheet B IN-PLANE 900×10-6 880×10-6

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