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Thermal Evaluation of Fiber Orientation Distribution

A system that visualizes the fiber state inside the sample by “fiber orientation identification method”

Thermal Evaluation of FOD


  • [ Non destructive ] Applicable to non destructive and complicated shape products !
  • [ Quick ] Speedy measurement at 1 minute per point !
  • [ Quantitative ] Quantify fiber orientation and thermal diffusivity !

Basic Theory

Spot heating the sample with the laser and measure the heat transfer!

■ Orientation identification method
A method of applying in-plane thermal diffusivity angle distribution measurement. The speed of heat transfer (thermal diffusivity) differs depending on the fiber content and orientation.
Therefore it becomes possible to clarify the fiber orientation distribution by measuring the thermal diffusivity in all directions.

<Joint research>
Hosei NAGANO (Nagoya university)


Product Thermal Evaluation of Fiber Orientation Distribution
Measurement object Thermal diffusivity, It is possible to grasp the fiber state in the sample.
( orientation of fibers, disperision of fibers ), distributoin
Measurement time About 1 minute per point
Operating Temperature Room temperature
Stage displacement Sample stage 100 * 200 [mm]
Laser diode Wavelength__638 [nm], Output max__0.4 [W]
Radiation thermometer Element__InSb, Cooling method__Elecronic cooling
Power supply AC100 [V], 50/60 [Hz], 5 [A]

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