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Thermal Spread Inspection Equipment TSI

Visualize voids and cracks with thermal wave

Improving the efficiency of energy is the key issue. We focused on power consumption of electronic devices and invented TSI to visualize the thermal characteristics of the devices. Because Diamond and DLC are high in thermal conductivity, they used as heat dissipater. How to evaluate the thermal characteristics of these devices are very important. The physical contact of these heat dissipating devices and the other devices are also very important. We intended to evaluate how the physical contact influences the thermal characteristics of the devices.

Thermal Spread Inspection Equipment TSI


  • Heating by laser
  • Optics for microscope photograph (Resolution: 20μm)
  • High spec IR camera(7.5μm~13.5μm)
  • Original noise resuction technology


Basic Measuring object Defect of sample, Inhomogeneity, Luminance, Sinmple temperature, Heat characteristic thermal
Output data Frequency, Distance, Amplitude, Phase, Luminance, Image data
Analysis mode Point/area analysis, Phase analysis
Attachment Modulation heater, Software, PC
Measurement enviroment Temprature RT∼250[℃]
Frequency 0.1∼10[Hz]
Infrared camera Element count 336×256
Kind of element VOx Microbolometer
Pixel size 17[μm]
Ovserved wavelength bands 7.5∼13.5[μm]
Frame rate 30[Hz]
Resolution About 30[μm]
Semiconductor laser(Continuous oscillation) Wavelength 808[nm]
Maximum output 5[W]
Sine wave modulation 0.1∼30[Hz]
Stage displacement XY axis ±15[mm]
Z axis +50[mm]
Power supply AC100-240[V], 10-5[A], 50/60[Hz]
Mainbody Dimensions W552 × D602 × H657[mm]
Weight 76.5[kg]
Laser safety standards CLASS1, IEC/ EN 60825-1:2007


Sample Solid (Plastic, Glass, Ceramics, Metal etc)
Shape Any shapes
Sample Size MAX: 100 × 100 × 30 [mm]
Coating Blacken with graphite spray. For graphite or similar meterial coating is not necessary.
Reference sample Unnecessary

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